Being Human, PERSONA, Try figure me out. PSthe only post that means anything to me

NO matter what people think people can never be the same or equal, its pathetic to even think that. ITS nothing about race or gender, its the simple fact that there has to be a divide of people whether it be by there status, wealth or intelligence that signifies a person place in their lives. However in my opinion the perfect human has to be able to able the appropriate PERSONA to face what ever situation they are in and they might be in the future assuming they can calculate what their FUTURE holds not something they may just randomly carve itself, and yes do it the right way you do get your hands on money and power if you want it. Dont get me wrong, thinking that i am idealistic. BUT this is my opinion most humans all search for the way to be a superior human being and it is this competition which is driving the growth in developments in the daily human lives.


5 things a girl should know about a guy she is with

Very discussable but here are mine….



Before things became serious, we do a background check. Like, really get as much info on you as possible. As in, we know what you wore to prom. ( probably cause you went to a nearby school or the same).

We like it when you look at us and smile. If anything a guys likes from his girl is getting attention is vital as we tend to want attention as girls would want too.

We love it when you have girl’s night.The truth is, guys love the occasional night alone, we get to call over some guy friends and act like sloppy bachelors again, even for a night. So while you’re out, we’re playing war video games, watching interesting action movies, listening to old bands from high school. (acting young again :))

Is he open minded when you bring up the important topics. We may seem to clam up when you bring up kids, marriage, or little dogs that fit in purses. But the truth is, we respect it when you take the initiative and start a big conversation.

Lastly intimacy. a girl might usually think a guy is just trying to get her to bed, that’s not always the case, if were looking for something serious we often just want to know you more, to make a decision to sleep with you or have any type of intimate relationship.

This blog is open for discussion,

p.s. i really love my suits and cant wait or my new ones 😛



Just had a thought

Every day, i keep seeing new things, obviously most of it are probably just the regular things. but……..


As a boy i keep wondering things, there are distractions such as studies, sport, games, girls and other stuff. However being  the type of person who when presented with with something always wonder if there can be any other way in which this things can occur, no matter how weird the solutions are there are always possibilities.

I was just thinking of alternative ways to do things and am always surprised as to how many different possibilities are specifically when it comes to clothing, or structural objects :).

Guys and their suits

As controversial as it is, most guys who say they dont really care about how they dress, are not being honest. A suit is the perfect reflection in a guys sense of fashion in my opinion, i know there are other cool forms of t-shirts, jackets, hoodies, trousers and many other types of clothing. but a suit is a representational of how a guy might want to be seen at the peak of this self-presentation. Ofcourse this is just my opininon.


Being a guy who doesnt always care of how im dressed but when it comes to a suit its a totally different matter, having to match what cufflings, tie, shoe, watch, belt would go well with which, its like a miss-match of wearable items. Sounds like what would usually happen to girls mostly evertime they decide to go out, doesnt it…….

So to any girl going shopping with a guy always tell them to try a suit on and tell them they look goos, and obviouslt the vice versa happens oo often with girls an the dress they wear.

JUST another zonesknight THOUGHT 🙂




Is it REALLY NEEDED?, why WASTE time……………..

Attending in a class

there is always that thought……………….. … (am i learning???, hmm…..)



Just a college teen right now, but

There has been many distractions in school: friends, music, games, anime, internet, sports, relationships, strangers that soon become friends and many more. Yet i never let any of these matter me (yes that is a lie), obviously the distractions kept me busy.

Although I was always in class i can assure anyone ‘who thinks its a waste of time‘ that it is, but the fact is that only because you are thinking it , it will seem as it is a waste. Even me personally i attended classes regularly, even now my teachers waste my time and all but the actual reason is the environment which is given off when a group of people try to learn something together is amazing.

Even though I don’t learn much… its cause i think ‘this is all basic‘ never sitting in the front so the teacher doesn’t catch me being distracted like an anime character 😛 (growing up in an Asian country I was taught these as a child), I am still the guy who wont pay attention if the teacher isn’t showing interest and brightening the day for the class.

The only reason I can say ‘why waste time‘ is because being one of those people who who try to take life easy (used to be pressured as a kid) I still make the grades, but recently with A’levels its a different story. 

So a word of advice if you have more than 3 A’levels keep studying and try not to waste the two-three years time you have to finish it.

I think i should take my own advice……



people always judge. JUST MY THOUGHTS

human nature that people have opinions, if you’re reading you probably do as well or just deny it. 



people should just get along, with no social, culture, racial, or any other judgement which other people may have of them……

I dont know why, but never was i able care for things or people as much, but its just that i love staying silent and watching what people do admire them as towards what they do, what they say, what expression they have on their faces. However People always judged me had opinions of me without knowing who i am or how i am as a person, but even is they had bad things to say i always smiled, wanted to say something but i never would thinking ‘loving what they say, what they think, they have so much time in their lives’.Put it simply i find people around me as my entertainment (not in a bad way) its just that i am always intrigued by them. I AM probably just a wierdo

i want to know what other people think or fell when they are being judged so please comment :P. thanks :))